Some of my favourite blogs are just so enticing to visit because of the great photography. You have often heard it implied that photography is critical to making your products and services stand out in the crowded media landscape.  If the customer can’t physically touch the item, or smell the rosebush you are trying to sell, I think great images that evoke an emotional connection to your company are a minimum investment required to stand out.

What Katie Ate is my favourite food blog because of the recipes Katie Quinn Davies plates up and photographs herself. She has published two recipe books titled What Katie Ate and is a regular contributor to Australia’s ABC Delicious Magazine.  The photography is so fantastically styled that I can just about taste the meals she showcases.


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Jane Heller is a commercial photographer who also imbues a soothing quietude in her creative pieces. Makes me want to step right inside the image, to these calm and romantic spaces. These are some of my favourites from her current collection.

Jane Heller Photography

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Sarah Ryhanen is a gardener and floral stylist. Her floral creations and photos evoke a rustic sophistication that is just dreamy. Love, love her work.

Sarah Ryhanen Photography -

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Chris Court’s work is par excellence rich in texture. I love the soft focus in some of his images and that the studio shots are styled with antique and simple artifacts. Here is a sampling from his web site.

Chris Court -

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Perhaps you too have a natural talent for staging and a keen eye for visual balance and lighting. If, however, you are not so confident that your photos are striking and can deliver what you envision, maybe a creative professional can lend a hand.   Either way, I hope you are feeling inspired. I know I am!

Happy shooting!  Anne


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What Katie Ate

Sarah Ryhanen

Jane Heller Photography

Chris Court