I received my latest edition of Uppercase magazine. And as I read through it, oh so slowly (I don;t want to gobble it up too fast.. I need it to last me two months until the next delicious edition) I discovered the illustrator Julia Rothman.  She has sold her illustrations to the likes of Anthropology, Chronicle books and Target.  uhkum.. impresses me anyway.  Her themed line drawings are applied to textile, stationary, book covers, wallpaper, artwork, clothing accessories plus plus. I image so many more applications.. And how about these design themes? Vintage camera collections, fans, glasses. Objects of the everyday with a vintage spirit.  You should check out her web site to see more.. I like her use of hand written fonts.

She inspires me to take out my sketch book and keep it close to my computer. Just last week, I did tackle a few ideas. Tried my hand for the first time, at rendering some painting ideas using my Wacom tablet and Adobe Illustrator. It was surprisingly simple to sketch using both tools. I really liked changing textures and colours without having to mix paints! The idea of playing with colours after my drawings were complete was not something I am accustomed to.. this usually has to be decided up front with paints and canvas. I got sucked into the vortex of my colour swatch libraries and happily worked away for hours on end.    ~Anne