business-etsy-wholesale-videoSixteenByNine540I have been thinking about how effective these company “biographical” videos are for small business.  (click on the images to view the videos).

Don’t we all love to see how things are made?  I remember taking a tour of the copper mill my father worked at when I was a child. Every year, Nortel would host a family day when employees could proudly showcase the plant floor and the milling process. I was mesmerized every time.  I  recall the smell of machine oil and that clash of  machinery in operation was deafening.

I still love having a look-see behind the doors of an etsy shop, or an artist’s studio. Like this fabulous production for Worley’s Lighting.  There is something inspiring about watching something being made. I get kind of  dreamy and enchanted.. and it makes me want to roll up my sleeves and start working at something tactile. (Pass up the computer for a while!)

I also believe there is a great deal of marketing value for small businesses to be able to tell their story in this way.  It can create an impression of quality; of commitment to the product or service that is being offered; it can even build trust and credibility if done well – the person behind the scenes is real and they are quite approachable! like this gem as well. JMB Canada is a local business in my community that crafted this beautiful moment in the leather studio with designer, James Brooks.  I worked here a few years ago providing some marketing support to James and I love this shop.  The products are beautiful, made with great pride and use only the best leather and hardware – to make things last a lifetime.. The video adds credibility to JMB in that it proves the shop to be very real and likely encourages customers to buy here because they share in James’ values.

A 5 minute video is not an enormous investment. It could cost anywhere from $200 to just over a $1000. Post it on your Facebook page, Twitter feed, Instagram, upload it to your website.  Let your customers meet you in person and get a chance to tell your story the way you want it to be told.  Imagine what a video about you and your business could look, feel and sound like?  I am thinking about mine!